Handling of fresh fish

In Akari’s and Hiroshi’s kitchen, there is fusion; a smell of Basque ingredients and Japanese know-how. This couple comes from a place near Tokyo and has lived in the Basque Country for several years. They are the owners of a restaurant in San Sebastian, and speak out clearly about prices, fresh products and food safety. They are aware that the law says that fish has to be frozen if it is going to be eaten raw because of the risk of anisakis. However, the majority of the clients that come to their restaurant in search for fresh fish can find it. This is a daily incongruity. Continue reading

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Door to door products

Consumers are increasingly valuing, healthy,natural, environmentally friendly and local products which are part of an area’s heritage. Some restaurants aim to differentiate themselves by supporting this trend. New market opportunities have emerged for rural products. A study carried out by the Basque Statistical Institute-Eustat, the Basque Government, the Ministry of Environment and the Basque agricultural cooperatives, have enumerated the main concerns and business opportunities of the small artisanal producers. Continue reading

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Squid fished with a rod and line – clandestine?

The case of the squid fished with a rod, line and hook is well known by everyone.This squid is a seasonal high quality product, fished principally between June and October in the Cantabrian Sea. The fisherman goes to sea, early in the morning, in his own boat. Usually it is and old, retired commercial fisherman. He remains active and keeps his living going after dedicating his life to the sea. Lately, due to the economic crisis in Spain, it is becoming more frequent that we also see youngsters that go to sea, too. In the majority of cases each fisherman works exclusively for a restaurant. This is a reality well known, and accepted, by everyone. Continue reading

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